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Tejano Cumbia
Tejano Dancing means knowing how to dance the popular Cumbia and Polka, also known as Ranchera (not Country Polka).
Although Tejano Cumbia music is different from Salsa music there are similarities in some of the moves but Cumbia can also move down the line of dance, rather than just staying in place with the partners dancing side-by-side as well as in closed position. Cumbia is a fairly easy dance to learn, and a must for Tejano dancers. There is also a dance from Columbia that is called Cumbia. The Columbian Cumbia music and dance is similar to Salsa and is not covered in the Tejano Dance class.
Tejano music and dancing has been growing in leaps and bounds. These dances Ricardo has done these for decades and loves teaching them. You’ll be surprised how easy they are to learn and how many places there are in Austin to do these dances. The music is lively, infectious, and definitely a lot of fun.



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